Survive Finals Week!

Now your months of hard work and class attendance are boiled down into one excruciating week – the dreaded FINALS WEEK.  How can you survive?  Here are 4 tips for success:

1) Pay attention to class schedules.  Some teachers or classes may have final exams on a different day of the week that your normally scheduled class.  Be sure to be in the right place at the right time!

2) Know the rules.  Some professors allow students to bring cheat sheets or other items for their final exams.  Know what you can and can’t bring so that you’ll have the best chance to succeed.

3) Review but don’t cram.  Review your text book or notes for points you’ve highlighted over the proceeding weeks.  But avoid reading the entire book the night before your finals.  Cramming all that information into your brain usually doesn’t help test performance.  But a nice review of key points can help you recall what you’ll need to survive.

4) Reward yourself.  After the test be sure to reward yourself with something special like a frappucino or whatever your preference is.  Use positive reinforcement to gear up for your next test.


Big Plans For Summer Break

It’s that time of the year again when school is soon to be out.  So what are your big plans for summer break? Don’t miss the chance to network with organizations in your field of interest.  The summer is a great time to intern or volunteer for companies or organizations in your field.  Are you into architecture?  Dreaming of a career as a CAD technician or designer?  There are opportunities right now in local American Institute of Architecture and US Green Building Council chapters in your hometown!  These groups are always looking for help.  Volunteer, meet and talk with people who are doing what you think you would like.  By the end of the summer you’ll have a great feeling if that career choice is right for you.  And it’s not limited to architecture.  In any field you can dream of there are non-profit organizations looking for help.  A great resource is or


Tips From Entrepreneur Magazine cover girl Marlo Scott

Marlo Scott runs the successful quirky NYC wine, cupcake & microbrew bar Sweet Revenge.  How did she make it to the top?  Be sure to check out our April 16th podcast with Marlo for all the details but the quick version is:

1) Marlo spend years finalizing her business plan, sharing ideas, and analyzing the market.  She didn’t just jump right in, she had a plan and made it work.

2) Sometimes a small business is all about no pain no gain.  It may sound awesome to hang out in a bar 24/7 but when you are your entire waitstaff it can wear you out!  The first few years were tough for Marlo and full of lots of hard work.  But as the business grows things get easier and more fun.  Tough it out!

3)  Financing is key.  And organization is the key to financing.  Marlo obtained an SBA loan which helped ease the startup burden.  A great business plan was the key to getting this loan.

Please check out the podcast and Marlo’s Entrepreneur magazine cover story.


Success Tips For Generation Y Entrepreneurs

Don’t believe that successful entrepreneurs have a minimum age requirement.  Some of the most innovative and lucrative companies have come from the minds of Generation Y.  How can you get started?  This week’s episode of “Dream Job Radio” featured seasoned Gen Y entrepreneur Brenton Gieser.  Brenton has done the corporate thing, the small company thing, fund raised, bootstrapped, failed and succeeded!  And he’s willing to share his secrets for success with you via his blog.  So what advice does Brenton give Gen-Yers wanting to get their own business started? 

1) stop listening and just act – Once you know your idea is good push the negativity to the side and move forward with your idea.

2) start small – Not necessarily small in company size but in locale. Start local in your hometown and grow your business from there.  Starting nationwide or worldwide can unnecessarily strap your resources and creativity.

3) involve others – Network with your peers and other successful entrepreneurs.  Find the right team that will lead your company to success and don’t be afraid to delegate!

If you’d like more advice from this Brenton or would like to know what his latest project is be sure to follow him on twitter @brentongieser


How to Interview Your Interviewer

Many times we’re so concerned with getting across a great presentation to the person interviewing us we may forget to interview them.  Remember success depends on you finding a company that has the perfect work environment for you!  Career specialist Kimberly Schneiderman of City Career Services suggests these are 3 questions you must ask the person interviewing you:

1) Why is this job available?

2) How did the previous people that held this position succeed or fail?

3) What advice would you give someone like me applying for this position?

Want more tips on finding a great work environment and interviewing your interviewer?  Be sure to visit City Career Services for videos and tips for success.



Why Businesses Fail

Two major reasons why businesses fail was shared with us by business consultant Mike Welch from FranNet Minnesota.  

#1 Undercapitalization – Not having enough money to stick it out through the startup period can lead to failure within the first two years of a businesses formation.  Be sure to have a good flow of capital to sustain your business long term.  

#2 Lack of good processes – This is why franchising can often be a viable option.  Developing processes from customer service, sales, marketing, etc can be a big process.  

For more information and advice of keeping your business from failure visit



How to Sell Your Business

Every entrepreneur’s dream is selling their business and moving on to the next venture.  How can you start your business in the right way to make it easy to sell later?  Exit strategy specialist Vicki Donlan suggests 3 steps to exit success.  

1) Organize your asset which is usually your customer database.  

2) Keep easy to decipher accounting records and get a great accountant/attorney.  

3) Sell what your business does best.  Decide what your core competencies are and promote!

For more details on these entrepreneur tips check out Vicki’s blog and sign up for a free 30  minute consultation.  You can also follow Vicki on Twitter @vickidonlan




What Is An Entrepreneur? says an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.  But in short an entrepreneur is a risk taker, an idea maker, a take charge dreamer, and a real life doer.  Entrepreneurs make the world go around.  They risk it all and often fail.  Then in those small moments of glory they succeed and the world is never the same again.  The ipod is born, Facebook comes to life, and Disney World opens it’s doors.  Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?  How can you turn your dreams into reality?  Don’t miss our upcoming segments on Dream Job Radio where we will interview some of the most successful entrepreneurs around including startup guru Brenton Gieser, restauranteer Mario Scott, and do-gooder Anthony Thomas.


Social Networking’s Role in Your Job Search

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.  What comes to mind when you think of these services?  Connecting with old friends?  Staying in contact with family?  According to career expert Adriana Llames 80% of future employers utilize social networking to research potential hires.  Of those 95% will search Linked In.  With this in mind what should your career strategy be?  Keep things professional!  A good rule of thumb is increasing your privacy settings on items you wouldn’t want a future employers to see and not posting anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see!  For more information on social networking’s role in your job search visit


Tips for Surviving Your College Break

So it’s time to clean out the dorm and head home for a few weeks.  Sure the first day or so of your mom folding your laundry and basking in the glow of finished finals is exalting but what happens when the fun wears off?  I recommend getting together with high school friends, networking with possible career guidance counsellors, and mingling with your parents friends.  Why?  Although having fun and relaxing holds first place don’t miss the chance to network with your possible future co-workers or employers.  You can never start to early!  Plus it gets you out the house.  Relax, have a good time, and network!  

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