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Survive Finals Week!

Now your months of hard work and class attendance are boiled down into one excruciating week – the dreaded FINALS WEEK.  How can you survive?  Here are 4 tips for success: 1) Pay attention to class schedules.  Some teachers or classes may have final exams on a different day of the week that your normally …

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Big Plans For Summer Break

It’s that time of the year again when school is soon to be out.  So what are your big plans for summer break? Don’t miss the chance to network with organizations in your field of interest.  The summer is a great time to intern or volunteer for companies or organizations in your field.  Are you …

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Tips for Surviving Your College Break

So it’s time to clean out the dorm and head home for a few weeks.  Sure the first day or so of your mom folding your laundry and basking in the glow of finished finals is exalting but what happens when the fun wears off?  I recommend getting together with high school friends, networking with …

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Top 3 Things Your Guidance Counselor Didn’t Tell You About College

1) Apply for loans and grants as early as possible before your college semester.  You don’t want to be in the long line at financial aid on the day classes start.  It’s boring stressful and many times you get surprised by the amount of money college is actually going to cost.  Apply early and be …

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College Jobs

This week’s episode of Dream Job Radio featured an interesting Campus Connection segment on college jobs.  What is the best job for a college student?  It really depends on what goals you wish to achieve.  How much college assistance and financial aid will you be receiving for your university education?  If you’ll receive enough in …

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