Survive Finals Week!

Now your months of hard work and class attendance are boiled down into one excruciating week – the dreaded FINALS WEEK.  How can you survive?  Here are 4 tips for success:

1) Pay attention to class schedules.  Some teachers or classes may have final exams on a different day of the week that your normally scheduled class.  Be sure to be in the right place at the right time!

2) Know the rules.  Some professors allow students to bring cheat sheets or other items for their final exams.  Know what you can and can’t bring so that you’ll have the best chance to succeed.

3) Review but don’t cram.  Review your text book or notes for points you’ve highlighted over the proceeding weeks.  But avoid reading the entire book the night before your finals.  Cramming all that information into your brain usually doesn’t help test performance.  But a nice review of key points can help you recall what you’ll need to survive.

4) Reward yourself.  After the test be sure to reward yourself with something special like a frappucino or whatever your preference is.  Use positive reinforcement to gear up for your next test.

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