Tips From Entrepreneur Magazine cover girl Marlo Scott

Marlo Scott runs the successful quirky NYC wine, cupcake & microbrew bar Sweet Revenge.  How did she make it to the top?  Be sure to check out our April 16th podcast with Marlo for all the details but the quick version is:

1) Marlo spend years finalizing her business plan, sharing ideas, and analyzing the market.  She didn’t just jump right in, she had a plan and made it work.

2) Sometimes a small business is all about no pain no gain.  It may sound awesome to hang out in a bar 24/7 but when you are your entire waitstaff it can wear you out!  The first few years were tough for Marlo and full of lots of hard work.  But as the business grows things get easier and more fun.  Tough it out!

3)  Financing is key.  And organization is the key to financing.  Marlo obtained an SBA loan which helped ease the startup burden.  A great business plan was the key to getting this loan.

Please check out the podcast and Marlo’s Entrepreneur magazine cover story.


  1. Richard Mille says:

    She didn't just jump right in, she had a plan and made it work

  2. abbyabbie says:

    This article is novel! I like it very much, if can more pictures will be better

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