Top 3 Things Your Guidance Counselor Didn’t Tell You About College

1) Apply for loans and grants as early as possible before your college semester.  You don’t want to be in the long line at financial aid on the day classes start.  It’s boring stressful and many times you get surprised by the amount of money college is actually going to cost.  Apply early and be in the know!

2) College freedom is amazing but also scary.  Finally no one is there looking over your shoulder.  You don’t go to class everyday like high school.  People are much nicer and there are less cliques.  But beware this means that your first month of college will be very very fun.  Be sure to balance your time so that it isn’t too fun.

3) Pick a school with good public transportation.  If it’s out of the main city calculate what you will spend on fuel and travel.  If they don’t have a good bus system you might want to reconsider. (Yes I’m talking about you Levelland, Texas South Plains College!)

– submitted by Micah Hackney 

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