College Jobs

This week’s episode of Dream Job Radio featured an interesting Campus Connection segment on college jobs.  What is the best job for a college student?  It really depends on what goals you wish to achieve.  How much college assistance and financial aid will you be receiving for your university education?  If you’ll receive enough in loans and assistance to pay for your tuition and room plus board you are porbably looking for a job that will provide some extra spending cash.  In this case some great opportunities include coffee shops, restaurants, and any other part time opportunity requiring little to no experience.

However if you’re not getting as much financial aid or if you’re concerned with paying off your debt early you may need to choose a career that will allow you to work full time while you’re off in the summer.  This could include lawn care and construction jobs.  Remember that the best option is to apply for internships in the field you plan to start your career in after college.  The negative side is they usually pay little or nothing but it will help you gain perspective on the career field.  Lastly be sure to choose a job or internship that will be flexible with scheduling so that you won’t miss any class.

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