4 Great Part-Time Professions

Everywhere you look these days people are being sold on work from home scams.  In my opinion this is one of the worst scams out there because it targets people who need a job and thus can’t afford to lose money.  So… are there true part time or work from home professions that won’t leave you scammed?  Yes! 

One of the best part time careers has to be substitute teaching.  Depending on your state little or no college experience may be required.  The pay generally starts around $75 per day and can go up to as much as $150 depending on the district and amount of experience.  And the hours couldn’t be better. 

Another great part time career is as a dental assistant.  I have a friend that went this route and eventually worked only one day per week while pulling in about $15 per hour.  Not much schooling is required, usually just about 1 year or less.  And there is lots of flexibility because you are usually working for a small business.

Marketing and advertising is one of the fastest growing segments of employment.  I know several small businesses that have a social networking director that usually works from their home 1-2 days per week updating websites, twitter, and facebook accounts for the business. 

One of my long time great picks for college studens is also a good pick for anyone looking at part time work – waiting tables and bartending.  Bartending is the better of the two especially in high end restaurants where it can be possible to easily pull in $200-$300 for 4 hours work on a weekend.

All of these are great options for individuals looking for more time and home and less time a work.  Remember that if you have to pay someone for the opportunity to work for them it’s most likely a scam.  Choose legitimate employers and enjoy your part time work!


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